📱📊 Linxo, pioneer of the mobile FinTech reached 1 million users! Flashback on 8 months of user-acquisition with Addict Mobile


Since the beginning of September 2016 Linxo has reached one million users without even being a bank.  This application which has proved to be a pioneer in budget management and bank account aggregation allows its users to automatically categorize their expenses, receive relevant alerts and plan the future of their accounts in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and overdraft charges.

Addict Mobile is proud to support Linxo since March 2016 and proud to strive for the success of French fintech. We have been pursuing an efficient user acquisition strategy for eight months now.  What has been accomplished? What are the ingredients for success?


a french banner created by Addict Mobile


Linxo’s main concern isn’t to reach a high volume of downloads, but to enroll quality users, truly active users that synchronize their bank accounts with the application. In order to convince consumers to entrust data as sensitive as bank details to Linxo, our communication must fulfill a twofold challenge:  create the desire to take the leap by highlighting the customer benefits of the mobile application, and inspire confidence.


Exemple of a banner generated for the Facebook campaign


Linxo collaborates with Addict Mobile agency to work on their mobile user acquisition campaigns. Facebook allows to run campaigns targeting the highest quality users which are likely to link their bank accounts to Linxo, and therefore lead to a higher return on investment for Linxo.

3 key success factors:

  • The most effective campaigns are the “Lookalike audiences” on Facebook and Instagram, allowing us to reach new people likely to be interested by the application.
  • The new “Optimized Placement” format on Facebook and Instagram delivered a strong performance at its launch.
  • We have produced high quality visuals in various formats (Multi-Product Ads, MPA, banners, videos, etc…) with particularly satisfying results for short videos.






  • +125 000 downloads  since March 2016
  • 31% decrease of the CPA via the different “Optimized Placement” campaigns
  • +40% of people installed the Linxo application after the viewing of a video via the “cross-campaigns
  • +52% of active users generated from Facebook
“Addict Mobile allows us to target and reach high quality users directly where they spend most of their time: on their phones. And while maintaining a permanent focus on our ROI goals. I daily appreciate the responsiveness of the teams and their capacity to make proposals.“
Christophe Martins, Head of Marketing & Communication, Linxo

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